Smart Editor Widget not showing data from relationship class yet data is still being written to DB

11-04-2018 04:52 PM
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Wondering if anyone else has experienced the following:

I have a basic point feature service served from AGS and an enterprise GDB which has a 1:m relationship class with a table.  When using the Smart Editor widget I can get the option to create a related record after dropping  a point on the map but after hitting save I am seeing that the related tables section still says "(0)" records and I am therefore unable to edit/update those related records (nor am I able to see them in the map. 

The odd thing is, if I direct connect to the DB the records I created actually show up.  They are just not showing up in the WAB app.  

Trying to figure out if I may be doing something wrong.  Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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Following up on this since I am running into the exact same issue,

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