Smart Editor Hanging after selecting point or a line and clicking on map

07-30-2021 10:50 AM
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Hello everyone,


I am trying to use the Smart Editor Widget to digitize lines and points. After I select a point or a line to be digitized, and  I click on the map to draw the point or line, Smart Editor hangs, it stays hanging  forever. Please see attached image.


Let me specify that I am having this issue in a ArcGIS Enterprise Portal with Federated services and the layer was published with ArcGIS Pro.


I did another test with a similar service but published with ArcMap and it works fine.





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Hi @JoseSanchez are you able to share your application with us so we can take a look? Otherwise, please contact Esri Support as there could be many reasons why this is occurring and they will be able to help find the source of the issue more quickly. Thank you!

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