Editing Widget Failing

02-11-2021 02:28 PM
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I am using the Edit widget in the Foldable theme to allow users to create and edit points a hosted point layer (Layer A).  We are having intermittent issues where a point that is editable is clicked and turns red, allowing users to edit attributes but NOT geometry.  In another layer (Layer B), the points turn into transparent blue circles that can be dragged around.  

We discovered that when a user opens the Batch Attribute Editor and selects a point, then opens the standard Editor widget, clicking the same point that was highlighted with Batch Attribute Editor results in the point turning transparent blue, allowing geometry updates. Has anyone experience this or found a workaround?  All layers in the application allow editing and have been previously editable using the standard Edit widget without issue before.  Pictures attached below for the scenarios I described. Thank you!

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Hi @MichailaMusman, apologies for the delayed reply on this... have you had a chance to verify that Layer A was set to allow geometry editing? This is something that can be configured in the Layer Settings itself, or also in the widget configuration. Based on the "red point" you described, it appears Layer A does not allow for geometry editing.

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