Situation Awareness get distances of features in buffer

11-29-2017 12:35 PM
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I need to get distances to features within the buffer with Situation Awareness widget.  It does a great job ranking the order of features by distance but does not give the actual distance value.  I know the Near Me widget does so but I need to be able to export the buffer area features csv which Near Me does not allow.  Does anyone have a solve for this?

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I am also looking for this functionality. I am using SA Widget in basic WAB on 10.4 portal. It provides distance values in CSV export but they're inaccurate by ~20% (by cross-referencing measuring widget).

My guess is instead of fixing issue, the functionality was purged, because in WAB DE, CSV export from SA Widget doesn't include distance column at all, nor does it provide an option in the config. I'm definitely interested in this feature though!

MIGHT have something to do with Planar VS Euclidean measurements:

Measurement widget—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

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