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12-18-2017 11:15 AM
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 I am have a portal app that uses the query widget to allow users to draw a shape around water meters in order to export a certain set of attributes to a csv file. The base water meter feature class (hosted in portal) has over 20 attribute fields but I only need to export five. I set the pop up to only show those five attributes in the map and in the app I set the attribute table widget to only show those same attributes from the map. When I use the query widget on the water meters feature class in the app and go to export to a csv, all the fields are there not just the five I want. What am I missing? Is this even possible with this widget?


Scott Shenberger

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   I am not sure that it is possible to limit the fields in the export. But what I do know the popups configuration for field format is honored in the AT widget so if you already have the popup limited to those 5 fields then it is Very likely that you can not.

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Thank you for the response Robert. Have a great day

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