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08-26-2019 04:00 PM
by Anonymous User
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So, in part because WAB Share Widget does not seem to show all records in Find by Query, and also because it takes over a minute to build the list and sometimes crashes the tab in a layer with hundreds of thousands of records (which is very common, nearly all my viewers have the parcel layer with this many).... I was re-testing the "Find the location or feature and zoom to it" option.  Well, it used to work on my site and hit my Locators.  However on my new site it doesn't. One thing I did was change from a Locator to direct featurelayer search in WAB Search widget, because of the Ghost Results bug with Locators (still not fixed in locators from Pro 2.4 on Server 10.6.1 in my testing).  And the featurelayer search is a tiny bit slower. This is the only thing I changed, besides adding the Esri locator. And now "Find the location or feature and zoom to it" doesn't work. It only returns results from the Esri locator.  I am guessing because... it has an inherent timeout limitation, that is set to aggressively maybe?  Jianxia Song‌ what are your thoughts?

I ask because, the Share widget is tremendously powerful.  However until the two things I noted in this thread are fixed, Share widget bug leveraging its power of Query is too hard for most users or frankly it will just crash their browser tab with layers with many results, while it attempts to build the dropdown. And while adding results in to the URL works, most users wouldn't be able to edit that syntax and so we need a text-entry box by default, and/or a dropdown that includes all results, but also doesn't bring the browser tab to a halt and perhaps peg the server. Maybe some sort of asynchronous retrieval, or something. But perhaps the safest bet would be a text-entry box, with auto-complete suggestions, so the Share's Query dropdown menu doesn't attempt to load hundreds of thousands of records (i.e. the values for the entire dataset) all at once.

So that is why...I hope the "Find the location or feature and zoom to it" can be fixed, or I can learn how to implement it.  Also it is important to use my locator and get the feature INSIDE the parcel, not the Esri locator which locates it in the street centerline, because I have customized my Search widget to click the centroid of the parcel when the Search result is clicked by the user, so it will show the webmap popup. (try it to see)

Thank you!

SAGIS Property Map Viewer - works

SAGIS Property Map Viewer - now it doesn't work

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by Anonymous User
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Jianxia Song‌ the way the Share widget loads the entire array into the dropdown menu in one huge JSON blob, literally crashes the browser tab.  For a poly layer with hundreds of thousands of features it kills the tab or the entire browser. A very dangerous behavior for user experience. But the ability to share a link down to a specific parcel (by address or PIN number) is tremendously useful. Or it will be, if a text entry box and suggestions are implemented. This is perhaps one of the most powerful features, tucked away in the WebApp Builder.

Can there be a text entry box, perhaps with it popping up Suggestions, like the Search widget?

Perhaps also the ability for us developers to suppress the behavior of loading the entire array to the dropdown, or at least suppress it for heavy layers.

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