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Restore Default Attributes each session

07-22-2021 12:07 PM
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I am building a web map. Part of its functionality is that a user can select a polygon and change its use attribute, which subsequently changes its color. 

Is there any way of deleting edits a user makes after each session? Every time a user opens the map it needs to restore to its original state.


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Esri Contributor

Hi, that cannot be done out of the box however i do have some suggestions.

  • Make a copy of the feature and create it as a new operational layer. That way the original will always be there. The edit widget needs to be modified as well to pick up the new layer. The last I checked the editable layers it detect is only what is on map the first time it opens
  • Store the geometry before the edit into local storage and restore. Please be aware of the size limitation of the locate storage
  • Maybe something like the draw widget will suit you more?

All these is assuming you are building a new webmap to be used in a web application. I don't think out of the box webmap itself supports this and any customization.

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