Repeating Results in Query Widget Window

12-30-2020 03:35 PM
New Contributor


I had a question regarding the Query Widget in ArcGIS Web App Builder. I am working with a county level shapefile that is related to an area of interest table via a 1:M join, and this area of interest table is subsequently related to a contact information table via a 1:1 join.

In the Query widget, I have been using a spatial filter to allow users to demarcate a point and spatial buffer in order to return the number of groups interested in a region and their contact information. The query is taking in as its input the county shapefile, and if I click on the ellipses => Show Related Records option I am able to access the content from my area of interest table's pop-up window. The results window displays the names of groups that are interested in the region and their respective contact information. However, many of the groups are interested in multiple counties, typically those that are spatially close to each other. Thus, the results window displays the same group name and contact information multiple times if my query captures the boundaries of more than one county. Is there a way to get the query widget to only return unique records in the result window? This would be extremely useful as I would like to allow the user to export the contact information as a .csv file and not have to filter through this document themselves to find its unique values. Thank you very much for your time and help with this inquiry, it is much appreciated! 

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