Realtime Update of Corona Cases

06-08-2021 05:15 AM
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An organization consists of 5000+ Employees in Production facility. They have own Medical facility in the Production facility. Management wants to know the awareness about the Corona case registered in Daily basis, Follow-Up the Patients.


The Webapp - dashboard was created with Case Registered with Date, Cases undergoing the treatment, Patients getting cured. We are using Organization ArcGIS Online Account.

The Shape files [CoronaCaseStatus.shp] was created with Attribute table with columns is updated in Organization ArcGIS Online Account.

The excel sheet with same column created and provided to medical doctors.

Everyday at 05.00pm Excel sheet send by the doctors, The shape file will be updated.

Issue: Everyday download the shapefile  [CoronaCaseStatus.shp] from Arcgis Online  and copy the data from excel sheet and Update. Now the data is not showing the last update record.


1. Is that right way of doing the dashboard application?

2. How to automate the process like, Copying the excel sheet in the folder, So Arcgis Online has to fetch the data and showing the last updated record?

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