"Repair link" option for maps/webapps saved locally but hosted layers deleted

03-30-2022 07:14 AM
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Hello ESRI community,

I am currently hosting many voluminous feature layers in ArcGIS Online. At least, I found out recently how voluminous they are since half my credit budget has gone up in smoke in the last 6 months. The project for which these layers were hosted is coming to an end, but there is a chance we will do a part two to it in a few months.

I currently find myself in the position where I must take down the hosted layers off ArcGIS Online but I would really like to save a copy of the work done to create maps and web apps. I saw that it is possible to do so but here is my question:

Is it possible to save a copy of maps/web apps locally in order to host it back again later, if all featured layers have been deleted and re-uploaded? Basically, is there a "repair link" kinda option for arcgis online maps and web apps?

Thank you for your help!


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