Help Optimizing Web App with Large Dataset

03-30-2022 11:15 AM
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Hello and good morning everyone.  I wanted to ask for suggestions to optimize a web app I'm building.

Here are the details:

The  app is built with web app builder.

I published a Feature service layer to AGOL that contains ~ 123,000 points.  This number will increase as the data set is actively edited and added to.

I am using clustering with 'adjust size automatically' enabled to try to optimize the drawing capability on a mobile device.

The dataset is a list of NGO's in India and will be primarily used on cell phones, potentially older and less capable than newer ones, so the performance and usability are very important.

When I access the app on my cell phone I get display errors saying a 'problem repeatedly occurred on the app', sometimes it works and displays and sometimes it doesn't.

I am using the "Near Me' widget to make locating a NGO easier and faster for the user and this functionality has to be present.

I have looked into using Tile Features but don't think that will work with clustering or the Near Me widget....

With all this said, I'm open to suggestions to get the app performing better on a mobile device ??  

The app can be found at this link:

Thanks Everyone.

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