Question : Can anyone help with my time slider woes...?

03-03-2016 12:43 PM
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So I have an Oracle database. It manages a slew of data, some of which is collision data for traffic accidents that happen in our city. I am trying to build a Web App Builder application that displays Collisions. Silly me.

What I am finding is that the field I created:

to_date( to_char( databasename.calendar_date, 'DD-MON-YYYY' ) || ' ' || otherdatabasename.time_24_hour, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI') AS tpd_collision_datebegin,

works fine. HOWEVER... I want to Time Enable it... woooooooooooo...

Ahem. So I have it time enabled in the MXD. I can open the time toolbar in ArcMap and watch the days tick by with collision, after collision, after collision adding up and the dots appearing all over my map.

I'm able to set the MXD to have the time slider window only run if the layer being displayed if time enabled. It all appears to work great… on the MXD side.

Once I ‘Share As’ service the WAB developed app I’m working on gives me a timeline with two points. Start and End. It doesn’t scroll from start to finish, it jumps. It starts at NO DOTS then suddenly ALL DOTS for that visible layer.

I’ve tried working with the AGOL time slider settings, the MXD time slider settings, I’ve even made adjustments (such as max count) via the Server Manager… it jumps. It doesn’t slide, it doesn’t even increment… it just jumps from start to finish… ugh.

The other thing it does is it will display the points for the current day of the slider and all previous points, but before it hits the next day… it erases all points… and displays the points for the next day of the slider and all previous points… and it does this as it moves forward.

So it’s advanced… but it’s refreshing the ENTIRE FEATURE CLASS for each day… instead of leaving points on the map and just adding new ones.

Does anyone have any ideas? Any experience with the Time Slider?


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