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Public Notification Widget: Search Distance Causing Problem

05-13-2020 03:59 PM
New Contributor II

Hello all

I am in the process of migrating our mailing list generator from the Query widget to the newer Public Notification one using WAB for Devs. While testing the widget the problem I am running into is this:

Simply using the drawing tools to create a search point, line or polygon creates a list works just fine (see attachment PublicNot_NoSDWorks.jpg), and will return results.

However, checking the "Apply a search distance" box, either before or after placing a point, drawing a line or search polygon does not return any results (see attachment PublicNot_SDDoesNotWork.jpg).

If I un-check the "Apply a search distance" box, the widget returns address results again. 

This is the case regardless if I configure the widget by checking the "Use selection drawing tools" box or not.

The problem seems only to rely on whether or not the "Apply search distance" box is checked or not 

I am using WAB 2.15.

Has anybody else had this specific problem before?

-Max Mousseau

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