Popup Highlight Symbology

09-22-2021 05:21 PM
Occasional Contributor III

I'm trying to design a new application and I want to know what is possible with popup highlights.  I am considering the idea of using different selection symbols for each layer and using different popup highlights for each layer, but I see no evidence that popups can support anything more than one symbol per feature type.  Is this possible?  We have widely varying point symbol sizes and we want the selection symbols to outline the point features?

As a side question, can popups exist independently of a map.  For example, can a popup just display feature data without having a map.  Also, can you have multiple popups in the same application or is there just one popup class tied to the map?  I ask this because I am not sure if the InfoWindows that the Search widget displays are just using the map's InfoWindow or if the map has its own and the Search widget has its own.  Generally speaking, I am trying to understand popups a little better so I can make them work well with our selections.

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