Not sure where to start, do I need a theme, custom widget, etc

03-06-2019 12:31 PM
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I want a user to be able to select points from a layer and add them to a list, once happy with selection, process the list of features.

I have selected the jewelry box theme, when a user finds a point I want to add that point to a list on the left, once they have made their selection, process the data.

Im not sure where to start, do I need a custom theme, is this doable with the jewelry box theme?

Once a user has found a point searching the layer a popup appears, I would like a button in there to send to the list, is this possible? 

If someone could give me a rough idea of what to look at first it would help, not sure if I need to create custom widgets or if I can do this with existing widgets, seems the list would be custom but Im not sure how to fire features at it, do I need a featureAction to send a feature to the list?

I'm not sure where to focus my learning efforts to achieve this

If someone could give a brief outline on what I should be trying to do to get there would be great.

Currently Im thinking I need to extend the popup class to add a button that allows me to publish the Name and ID of the point to a custom widget whish will hold the list and eventually kick off the process once selections are complete. does that sound about right?

Oh and is there any way to force the user to only e able to select a single point at a time?

Many thanks in advance!

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   This would be a custom widget. The widget would add a custom feature action.

Create a feature action in your widget—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) | ArcGIS for De... 

For selecting feature you can look at using the SelectionManager.js.

As far as enforcing the singl point selection that could be handled in the FeatureAction.