NearMe Widget - Unnecessary layers turned on when widget is opened

04-02-2019 12:16 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am using WAB to configure an internal application containing widgets provided by WAB, including the NearMe widget.
When using the widget, it returns features within the searchable layers and works great! The only issue is that as soon as I even click the widget to open it up, it automatically draws 4 to 5 other random layers within my extent, regardless of whether any results were returned involving these layers or if the layers were even involved in the search criteria when setting the widget. Then once I close the NearMe widget, those unwanted layers stay on and I have to shut them off. The widget works great otherwise but the unnecessary layers turning on is highly undesirable and clutters the map, making it hard to see what was even returned from the query within the widget. 
Ideally, only the layers that return a search result should be visible while the widget is in use and the layers would return to their original state that they were in prior to using the NearMe widget. 
Just fyi, all the layers within my application are published through a single map service.  I have found one post from January 31st 2019, where the user was having the exact same problem but no response or solution was given unfortunately.

Perhaps a work around has been discovered or this is merely a bug that is in the process of being worked out. Any information/guidance you can give me would be highly appreciated even if it just a workaround!

Thanks in advance!


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