Near Me Widget results not filtering attribute table

05-07-2019 11:07 PM
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I have 2 layers. 1 is catchments and the other is water monitoring sites. The catchments do overlap as an upstream catchment is nested within a bigger catchment

I have configured the Near Me widget in AGOL to query both layers based on clicking on a map

a list of catchments is shown and i can click on them until i see the one i require. Then i can click on a tool to further search based on the intitial results (the selected catchments) Then the results show all the water monitoring sites in the selected catchment. This is good however the results do not flow through to the attribute table and there is no way to export the results.

I am essentialy wanting to select points from one layer based on whether they are enclosed by a selected polygon from another layer - a fairly basic spatial query !

Please advise



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Hello John, 

Have you found a solution to this? My transportation department is looking to do the same. I can't find anything online. 



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