Modify Analysis Widget WAB

01-23-2020 11:57 PM
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I need to modify some of the operations (Aggregate Points, etc) of the WAB Analysis widget with the ArcGIS JS API (3.X).

What I need is to filter the features  of the layers involved in the analysis operations, and pass to the geoprocessing service only the filtered features.

The widget uses geoprocessing service, for example:





But I don't see in the code (Widget.js) where the geoprocessing service is called, and how the parameters are passed to it.  

I see when geoprocessing service is called in the Network tab of the developer tools:

The last line of code that runs before the geoprocessing service is called  is this (I believe):

But I do not see how I can modify the code to pass my own parameters. For example, like this: (Class: Geoprocessor)

Any suggestions?

Thanks, greetings.

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