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10-13-2015 02:10 PM
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Does anyone know where the map click handler lives in the WAB code?

I need to interrupt it before it completes its default behavior of identifying features in operational layers.



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  it is not the map that has a click event. The API itself handles the showing of popups for layers that have popups defined. the map has a setInfoWindowOnClick method.

Map | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript | setInfoWindowOnClick

But there is no map click handler set on a WAB map in the code.

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Semantics..."If true and a map click event occurs, it may show the map's infoWindow."

The map is still raising a click event, even if the configurable method is what is actually doing work.

Doesn't seem to matter if I change all of the setInfoWindowOnClick references to false. It still appears, but since it only works when layers have an infoTemplate, removing the popup in the AGO map solves the problem.

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While I'm sure there is some user crossover between the two places, you should post this question over in the Web AappBuilder Space as well.

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