making my Assignment polygon only visible to each crew

04-21-2022 03:44 AM
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Hi there,

I have made an assignment app in web app builder so i could assign work to different crews. it then goes onto my main work map. the problem is all crews can see each others polygon assignments. 

How can i make them visible to only the crew who I assigned too.

We have crews going into polygons that they shouldn't be, we have even named the polygons specfic to each crew and made the name visible but to no avail.

Thank you


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Are you using webApp Builder in ArcGIS online, Portal, or WebApp Builder Developer? The latter giving more control as you could build a custom widget to handle what you need such as getting the logged in user info and filter based on that. If you want to handle with out of the box widgets I would suggest the filter widget and have it open automatically so the users see it. They will still need to put something in to the filter like their ID so still not perfect but should help. 

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