Limit the date range for a layer using the Group Filter Widget

06-22-2021 09:21 AM
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I am using the Group Filter widget with date fields. There is a point layer and a polygon layer in the web app. I don't want any restrictions on the point layer date range. However, the polygon layer has millions of polygons, so I want to limit the date range search to 30 days for the polygon layer. I also don't want the user to be able to make the polygon layer visible without first doing a filter (via the group filter widget).

I have set up the Group Filter widget like so (see screenshot). I am using WAB Dev Edition 2.19.

Currently, I have it set up so that when the user conducts a group filter, it automatically makes visible the point layer but not the polygon layer (code is in the Widget.js file). The user still has the option to turn on the polygon layer, but this is still causing lag issues on our system. So that is why I want to implement the above checks.




this._applyFilter(layer.layerObject, newExp, false);
if( === "Poly_layer_Portal_5214"){ 



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