July update changed text and links on web map/app to simple text?

08-07-2015 11:50 AM
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Hello all. Has anyone else noticed that with the July updates, the links we were able to easily provide at the top of our apps in Mapviewer/WebAppBuilder changed from a nicer looking text (that we could utilize with a black background) are now simple text... and not only ugly but can't be seen on a black screen? Here are 2 examples:1.JPGLinks were once visible... font was nicer looking.

2.JPGNow they are simple text, looks messy.

I really preferred a black background but had to change to orange... and the font has changed too... Does ESRI plan to correct this? Does anyone know? I'm a bit disappointed, I can seek a code solution I guess, but it's not my strongest ability.

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   Here is a link to a thread where I explain how to fix this in WAB Dev.

Change Attribute Link Color in WebApp Builder