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Issue with analysis tools never completing when using GPX data

03-12-2024 02:48 AM
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Hi all, I'm running into an issue with my Web AppBuilder application analysis tools while working with GPX data.

The data where collected by Garmin GSMAP 66i devices.

The workflow I'm following is to add some GPX data with the "Add Data" widget and then run some simple analysis tool like "Extract Data", "Merge Layers" or "Find Existing Locations". This tools will either create a zipped shapefile/gdb (Extract Data) in my contents that I can publish afterwards or straight up publish the data as hosted feature layers in my contents (Merge and Find Existing Locations).  

The issue I'm running into is that certain GPX data won't work properly with the tools and the execution of the tools will run indefinitely. This happens only with "tracks" data and not the "waypoint" that are present in the GPX data.

I investigated the problem and sort of solved it for some datasets, by changing the basemap to a WGS84 basemap, but the issue still persists for some datasets and I'm running out of ideas.

Here some errors I get when trying to launch the "Extract data" tool, first with the credits estimation failing and then with tool running indefinetly




Has anyone an idea why this happens or has experience on how to handle GPX data in the Web AppBuilder?

Thank you all!

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