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Invalid app error in importing zip file to Web Appbuilder

02-16-2022 01:43 PM
New Contributor

I was trying to upload zip file from my local Mac to Arcgis Web Appbuilder. If I directly upload the zipped app from Arcgis Online, the upload would work. But even if I just unzip the zip file from Arcgis online and recompress it again on my mac, the Web Appbuilder will just report “invalid app” when uploading the new zipped app. I searched on web and have not find useful solution to this problem. Is this a technical issue or am I uploading in the wrong way?

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A workaround for this is to create a brand new blank app in web app builder. Note the app id in the url when you load it up it’ll probably be like ?id=5. Navigate to the server then apps folder in the wab dev edition install and find the corresponding app folder id. Replace the contents of this folder with the contents of your zip file. This is a constant problem for me and I never import now just utilise this workaround.
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