In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Online, I'm trying to insert an image in the splash screen. When I click the button nothing happens. Help?

04-21-2020 02:00 PM
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Hi all!

I've resorted to clicking the Insert Image button repeatedly, but nothing happens. I'm wondering if there might be some setting that I'm missing? There's already an image in the splash screen, and I want to replace it. I am also unable to copy/paste the image in. 


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I'm having the same problem in multiple browsers. Did you find a fix? Thanks.

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What I've ended up doing is adding an image to my content then using html to place the image. Here is the basic code I've been using:

<img src="image url" alt="Alternative Text for users with slow internet or people who use screen readers.">

Just replace image url with the url for the location of your image and change the Alternative Text ("alt" refered to as "alt text") to fit your use. 

If you're unfamiliar with html, here is a really good resource from W3 Schools on images in html. I promise html isn't as scary as it sounds! 😊

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