In AGOL WAB Near Me widget, is there the ability to add intervals to distance slider within widget or AGO assistant?

08-06-2019 11:59 AM
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In the AGOL version of Web App Builder, I am using the Near Me widget and have my max distance set at 5280 feet (1 mile) and default distance at a half mile. Is there a way to add increments, or other distinct values, to that slider? 

In AGO Assistant, I tried to add the 'discreteValues' option to the existing slider, but that did not work (nothing changed on the slider in WAB). I am not well versed in json, so any help would be appreciated.

JSON from AGO assistant with my 'discreteValues' added:

"bufferInfo": {
"isVisible": true
"discreteValues": 4,
"defaultBufferDistance": 2640,
"maxBufferDistance": 5280,
"bufferDistanceUnit": {
"bufferUnit": "UNIT_FOOT",
"routeUnit": "FEET",
"distanceUnit": "feet",
"label": "Feet",
"acronym": "ft",
"value": "feet"

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