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Icons for WAB

09-09-2016 08:31 AM
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I wanted to share some websites I've found helpful in getting icons for WebApp Builder widgets and the loading screen.  Feel free to share other sites you use.

  • Font Awesome to PNG - Create a .png version of Font Awesome icons.  You can choose the color and size.
  • - Create loading icons (gif, svg).  This is great for the loading screen icon when WAB first loads.
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The Noun Project is also a good source for icons. There's also a surprising number of unicode characters that make good icons; search for them at &what.

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I like this flat icon maker site. You can search by category or tags and then  customize the outline shape, color, fill, and size, before exporting image file:

Free Flat Icons - FlatIcons 

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Great resource, thanks for sharing. Their owl icon just looks like a guy with a huge beard.

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Hah! Yes, it looks like a little bearded gnome face!

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I use too >> Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of free icons 

Filter by mono-color > stroke (filled) and edit the icon. Replace the colour black with white. Download the icon in 128 pixels. Use it in your WAB app.


This is how it looks like in WAB.

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This site has loads of white icons that can be used.  White icons - 4164 free white icons - Download white icons 

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All these sites have some great resources, but how does everyone handle giving credit to the icon's original author? Within a web app I obviously can't list a credit right below the icon in the header, but I'm not sure where I'd place a link to a separate credits page elsewhere.

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We used the About widget and put all of the attribution in there.

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