How to cut with Edit App in Web AppBuilder?

05-10-2019 10:23 AM
New Contributor III

I have a SDE feature layer that is hosted on our server and I am trying to edit in the a web app created in the Web AppBuilder. I have added the Edit widget and kept the default settings. The feature layer does have create, delete, query and updated allowed.

When I select the feature in the web app and use the cut tool to cut my feature, the feature is cut BUT not into separate features as you would expect. It is creating a copy of part of the feature being cut and maintaining the full geometry of the feature being cut.

When the same feature class is published as a hosted feature service and added to the web app, the cut tool works as expected, creating 2 unique features.

Is there a way to create two unique features of a feature layer, not hosted in ArcGIS Online, with the cut tool in the web app?

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