How to add point to map/service that must intersect layer with JS API or REST API?

11-15-2016 04:31 PM
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I would like to write a function which allows a user to enter coordinates a via a widget for a WebApplication Builder application.  The user should be able to enter coordinates and the point appears on the map and posts to a feature service if the coordinates intersect with a line feature/map service.  Is there a widget that already harnesses this functionality, if not, how can this be done?

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   There is not a widget out there for this custom workflow, but it can definitely be created as a custom widget. The main issue will be the precision that will be needed to get a point yo intersect a line.

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As Robert mentioned this is a custom widget,
Below is a general description of the task at hand that might get you moving forward.

Other factors to consider is the spatial reference of the XY and error checking