Add Data Widget Displaying all Online Content

06-20-2016 08:35 AM
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We are trying to build an ArcGIS Online Web App Builder application that allows the public to add content from our organization. So we set up the new Add Data widget to only search our organization. It works as expected, if you are logged in to ArcGIS online. If the user is not logged in, they get a list of all ArcGIS Online content (68,000 items).

We were expecting it to show all organization content that is public when not logged in but does not appear to work that way. Is the new Add Data widget only designed to be used when a user is logged into ArcGIS online? Thank You

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I have exactly the same question! I have developed an app in ArcGIS WAB Dev Edition, downloaded the code and deployed it to our in-house server. Same problem!

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Same problem...!

any suggestion from ESRI Team???

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It would be very useful if it could add local shapefiles/gdb or add in a REST service. Basically the Add Data button. Good thing both of these WAB Dev Ed widgets from 1.x work in 2.x. (However this still means there's no way to do so for the AGOL WAB and so it would still be good to implement in a future update)

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