How do I change the search placeholder text in the NearMe widget?

01-24-2017 12:44 PM
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This would seem to be a very easy exercise but no luck so far. I have created a Web App using the builder (in our organizational account). In the NearMe configuration I add a Search Source and specify our own geocoder. I set the Placeholder Text to "Enter your address".

When I view the application the placeholder says "Find address or place" which I believe is from the ESRI geocoder (which I am not using).

I downloaded the application so I can host it on our servers and hopefully configure it. Of all of the configurations that I tried it still shows the original placeholder text.

Please help me sort this out. Seems like a bug to me.


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   I just did some testing in WAB 2.3 and I agree this seems to be a bug. You should call tech support and report this issue.

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I may be having the same issue with the District widget (?), WAB DE 2.3.  The default/startup 'All' placeholder text specified in my search source settings UI config doesn't seem to stick...After a couple of attempts I'm still looking through the the code to find where I can change this.  Placeholder text for my custom geocoders are fine and if you use the cursor to specify 'All' it will show the text specified in the UI, just not at startup/by default.

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