Having a web app run a task with the click of a button or widget?

05-04-2021 11:49 AM
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Hello All,

My firm has a Desktop Pro Basic license, and we are currently looking for a way to optimize our web apps. We have a server that has point features of school locations. 

What we want to do is: 1) have the user click a button, 2) the web app will retrieve data from the server that has the school locations, and 3) once the web app retrieves the point locations it populates the map so the user can see different school locations.

Essentially once the button is clicked the web app will do the rest of the work by retrieving the data and mapping the point features for the user.

We want to do this so that when we update the school locations, we do not have to reupload a web layer of school locations every single time a school is added. We want the web app to automatically retrieve these schools points from the external server (where they have been updated) and map them. 

Im not sure if this can even be done without an enterprise license, but any information to pint me in the right direction would be appreciated! Im wondering if I can create this within the ESRI environment or if a custom tool that is made by a developer would required.


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