Group Filter Zoom to extent of certain layer not all layers being filtered

04-21-2021 08:09 AM
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Using ArcGIS Web App Builder on the ArcGIS Online Platform. I have implemented the group filter widget. I have layers that have extents that are outside the feature I am using as the value in the drop-down menu. I would also like to zoom to this feature only not all layers being filtered. I have two line feature classes that their extents fall outside this feature. The widget will zoom to all features within the list. So trying to zoom to Washington state area but the line features go out towards Alaska. So the map will zoom way out to include Alaska. Is there a way to filter all the data but only zoom to a feature class. This would be similar to map series within ArcGIS Pro.

Thank you in advance!! I do have programmers to help but we need direction, they do not know GIS and I do not know programming. 🙂


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How are the lines interacting with the group filter? Is there a reason to include it in the filter group?

Also, are there other widgets you're using that require it to be in Web App Builder? There are ways to more carefully control zooming/panning behavior in Dashboards and Experience Builder, but those may not have all the features you need.

- Josh Carlson
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Hi there! Unfortunately we are trying to make the interactive mapping experience to mimic some hard copy maps we've created. So on this particular map we are showing a defined area, market, and then showing mental health workload as a gradient in the back ground, point of care sites,  and where the majority of mental health encounters are coming from (a line that connects county to county centroids). So in the Washington state area we get a lot of encounters from counties in Alaska. This data is for the entire US and territories. So we want the ability to zoom to each market within the US and see only that market's particular data.

We only had one group filter, but now I tried two group filters where I separate out that line data but when I call it in the parameters it only filters and shows the layers within the last group filter I call out. See below parameters.

This works....not including the showlayers from the "arrows" group filter.

Then including the second group filter with showlayers, the browser then changes the link when I paste:

Let me know your thoughts.

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@InnovaAdministrator The Group Filter widget was developed to only support one instance of the widget per application, which may explain why your are experiencing this last issue.

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