Query Widget Spatial filter stuck

09-27-2021 05:11 PM
Occasional Contributor II

I'm using the Query widget in AGOL. I have a culverts layer and repaving schedule layer (polyline). I configured my app to have a Filter to select the culvert condition (ie POOR) and filter the paving schedule by Fiscal Year. So I want to see all the poor culverts that intersect the streets for a given FY.

The first time I set the Spatial Filter to use the paving schedule layer with a FY filter set, it works. However when I change the FY filter widget, the Query widget still uses the initial paving schedule features and not the newly selected FY features.

I've found that if I change the FY filter and then use the "Draw shape to select features" option it will work. It's weird that it works the first time but not subsequent attempts.


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