Group Filter with pre-exisitng webmap filter - How to only show the filtered values?

09-28-2020 07:59 AM
New Contributor II

I have a large hosted feature service containing lots of parcels, each parcel having different owners. I want to create a webapp for a subset of this data related to a group of of owners in a particular region. To do this I add my features service to my webmap and apply a filter on the layer so that only the parcels belonging to the owners I'm interested in are visible. I've got several other layers in my map also, each with a corresponding owner field.

I then use this map in my webapp where I've created a group filter. The group filter is based on the "owner" field in the main polygon layer and the user selects the owner from a drop-down list in the filter.

The problem is that the drop-down displays all owners in the feature service (i.e. even though I've filtered the layer on my web map to only include some owners, the group filter ignores this and shows all the owners in the feature service). This means there are owners names visible that don't have any features on the map which is confusing for users.

Is there a way to ensure the group filter dropdown only lists values for features that are in my map?

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