Group filter searchable on another field from the one that links the layers

05-07-2021 11:01 AM
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Hi All,

Apologies if there is an answer out there already but I haven't spotted it myself yet.

The current group filter does everything I need it to do bar one thing.

I want to group some data in different layers by their unique ID fields however on the front end I don't want the displayed search to be the ID, rather the actual name. Because to a front end user the name make sense the ID is just links the data. 

As a terrible crude example if the attribute tables looked something like -





stateanimal UID
fat 1


I want to be able to search for the animal name contained in the animal table, but the grouping is taking that animals UID and grouping it to the UID field in the other layers.

So if I were to search for pigeon it would match with thin and furry.

In real terms I have Project layer that has the project name, a bounding box, and associated IDs...another layer with point data associated to that project and another layer with polygon data. All the data is linked by a project unique ID, however on the search box in the WAB I need it to display the project name and not the unique ID. Despite the out the box group filter working, I can only get it to work at the sacrifice of having the IDs as the input and not the Project Name. 

Hope that makes sense to someone!

Maybe there is a custom widget in the community somewhere?

Any help/guidance, greatly appreciated. 

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@PeterRichardson I do not have a solution for your problem, but just wanting to confirm your observation: the "displayed" value in the Group Filter will be the same as the "filtered" value. There is no setting provided for setting a different display value like you would find the Search widget for example.

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