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Geoprocessing widget and related map service

11-24-2015 03:18 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Building a custom geoprocessing widget - it calculates a range of values for water pressure at any clicked point on a map.  The script works in pyscripter and arcmap, but I get an error when trying to run the published version. 

The error is saying that feature class referenced in the tool does not exist or is not supported.  The feature classes referenced by the tool did get created as part of a map service that was generated when I published the tool.  This happens whether I run the published tool in a Web App or via arcmap. 

So I'm wondering what needs to be done, I'm thinking at the Service level, to ensure that the actual geoprocessing service can get at the related map service layers it needs to execute.

The tool creates datasets in memory, since it only needs to do some temporary work then return and display a calculated value, not create any data of importance.  Not sure if the in_memory workspace would cause a problem or not with a geoprocessing service.


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