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Exporting Table to Excel as geoprocessing service in web app

07-31-2019 11:29 AM
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Hello Esri Community,

I have a created a geoprocessing tool that runs an analysis and outputs the data into a table and then exports that data an excel spreadsheet. The tool is very simple, it only requires the user to input a project that they would like to analyze and then designate where they would like the spreadsheet to be exported and saved. The tool works perfectly fine in ModelBuilder and exports to portal without any errors, however when I put the tool into a web app, it doesn't ask the user where they would like the output to go. I can edit the parameters that I had specified but when I run the tool the option does not appear, only the project drop down menu does. Then when I run the tool it errors. My hunch is that there are some short codes that I could embed to make this functionality work but as of now I am stumped. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Hello , Can you share your geoprocessing service??

Best Regards Azad

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