Export Map Coordinates from Attribute Table

09-17-2015 07:31 AM
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We're using the WAB to display the activity of by-law enforcement field staff where they've identified illegal dumping sites.

Although the web app builder does a great job displaying attributes and locations, we really need to be able to export the map coordinates from the point features with the "Export to CSV" from the attribute table.

Is this possible, or would we need to have a particular map widget that extracts this coordinate data?

Appreciate any return comments.


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   Are you saying that the "Export to CSV" option is disabled for your layer or are you saying that your data does not have X and Y fields so exporting does not produce the needed data? If it is the latter then you can add the X, Y fields to your FeatureClass in ArcMap and re publish the service.

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The export to csv works, but it doesn't contain the map coordinates in the output.

Will attempt your suggestion and republish the service.


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