Display two custom widgets at once in a custom panel

05-24-2016 07:17 AM
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Hi, I would like to create two new widgets that display similar to the following mockup, and I'm having trouble determining how to best go about it. 

I would prefer to use in panel widgets, but

1.  I'm unsure how to allow both widgets to be open at the same time (but also be closeable if needed.

2. I'm unsure how to integrate a new panel for these two widgets (so as to make the backgrounds more transparent and other cosmetic changes).  I don't really see great documentation on integrating multiple panels into a layout other than when using the headercontroller widget. 

I don't know if I would have to use an off-panel widget for this to work....if so, would that mean that a user could not close those widgets?

And lastly, I know that the Web AppBuilder already has a chart widget, but the chart labeling is clunky and it also requires a user to click through some options to get the chart to display. I would rather the author create the chart in the configuration so the user can just display a chart without having to click through anything. 

If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it! 


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  There are a couple of themes that would allow more than one widget open at a time. Like the Launchpad theme or the Dart theme. You can also group widgets in a panel in the foldable theme. The issue you are going to have is your desire to have a widget that has no visible panel and yet is close-able. All in-panel widget will have a have a viable panel with the close and minimize, etc buttons on it. An non in-panel widget is more like your mockup but then it is a matter of closing it. Pretty much no matter how you look at it your desires only lend toward very custom widget development. As far as the chart widget part of your inquiry. Once again you are looking at custom widget development here.

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