Design and publish Reports on time series data

03-31-2015 11:49 PM
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Robert Scheitlin, GISPRebecca Strauch

I have locations and from these location there are sensors used to monitor air parameters like CO2, CO, O3, PM10 etc so on. This data is every five minutes. Now I need to create a tool where user will select the station from map or drop down list and time period and report type and get reports in charts, excel report or PDF. Similarly an administrator can design the reports that he will be able share with certain users and those users will be able to use that design in their reports so my question is

1. I want to use some already available reporting tools where admin can design the reports and users can use it.

2. If I use available reporting tools and if it's .net based will it fit in WAB

3. Is their any already available widget available for reporting

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