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Customizing Print Options

03-21-2017 08:46 AM
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I'm hoping I can obtain some advice regarding customization of the ArcGIS Online print options.  Specifically, I would like to be able to use a pre-defined print template as a choice for our users.  For example, we have a Site Location Map template that I would like to use as a print drop-down option for our engineers.  Can someone tell me if there is a customized Print Widget that employs this type of functionality that includes some good and easy to understand documentation for its configuration?  If that is not possible, can someone offer some suggestions regarding the customization of the existing Print widget that would enable me to serve up our own print template as a print selection option?

Thank you.


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   Using a custom print template has nothing to do with the print widget itself it has to do with the print service. There are lots of threads and blogs about high quality printing and custom print services. It is not exactly easy but with all the info out there you should be able to figure it out.

Here are some examples of the many threads and info available:

Tutorial: Publishing additional services for printing—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise 

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I've done pretty well using the tutorial you suggested.  However, I don't think I have a proper handle on the custom text element portion.

To date, I have created two project files featuring my templates (w/ legend, north arrow, borders, title, scale, etc..) and created my print service.  Everything looks pretty nice when I go in to WAB and run trials but I need one additional area for the user to create a map description.  In ArcMap, within my templates, I used Insert/Text and at the Size and Position tab changed the Element Name to Map Description.  I am running ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1 so I downloaded the from GitHub to my local drive.  I ran this script and received the following error message...please see attached.

From the readings I am assuming I need this script to run in order to have this custom text element carried over to my print service.?

Please supply me with any guidance that would aid me in my quest and let me know if something needs to be clearer.  This is my first time creating custom print services (obviously).



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