Custom PrintService in ArcGIS WebApp Builder throws error when used in PrintWidget

03-04-2020 11:06 PM
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I have a WebApp application I am creating with the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition. In ArcMap, I created a custom print service like described here ( When I use the custom PrintService in the PrintWidget, no file is exported but an error is thrown: Error executing tool. Export Web Map.

When I copy the Web_Map_as_JSON code that is generated from the execute call, remove the basemap layer ( from the JSON code, I can get the PrintService to work when I execute from REST endpoint (execute) in the ArcGIS Server Manager.

But the combination of MapServices (hosted on an internal server) and the ESRI basemap does not work.

When I use the standard PrintService of WAB, I can get an export when I deselect all layers and only print the basemap, but when I add layers of my MapServices, it fails. However, since I need a custom template, I cannot use the standard PrintService.

Any idea what has to be done to make the print widget working with a custom PrintService and combine the ESRI basemap with MapServices hosted internally?

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Hi Mario,

It is most likely failing because your print service fails to access agol base map services.

If you set your print service Message Level to Error/Warning/Info, you should see more descriptive error message showing the reason behind the failure.

The most likely reason your print service fails to connect basemap services is because of firewall settings.

I think I usually asks users to do is this:

  • log on to your server machine that is running your print service
    • make sure you log as ArcGIS Server Account not as your account
  • open a browser and try to access a agol basemap service

hope this helps.



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