Custom AGOL login panel for Web AppBuilder Developer Edition.

12-12-2019 05:27 PM
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I was wondering if there is a good method for customizing the login panel for custom web applications created using WAB Developer Edition? See attachment.

I am interested in creating a login screen that fits a bit more with our agency branding.



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I am also searching for how to do this. The default appearance is ok for a software developer or GIS professional who is also an ArcGIS organization administrator.  But confusing for a normal human user of a simple web mapping app who might not know what an "item" is, what the 32 char hex code is supposed to mean, or even who "ArcGIS Online" is (as apposed to the named AGOL organization they are working in).  

The portal name and item id can be turned off via CSS: 

.resLink { 
  visibility: hidden; !important; 
.serverLink { 
  visibility: hidden; !important; 
… but that still leaves the confusing text "Please sign on to access the item on".  For an ArcGIS JavaScript API app that text can be changed with: = "Text Here. ${server} ${resource}"; // ${server} ${resource}" hidden via CSS
… but I have not worked out yet where to put that in any of the WAB app js files.  
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