Creating a fixed radius around all points on a layer that can be toggled on and off.

04-18-2024 01:46 AM
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We are launching a new product that has a particular range, using the Web AppBuilder in ArcGIS online we are able to map the location of each point on the map with the icon of each data point staying the same size no matter the zoom scale of the map.

What I am hoping to find out how to do, is to have an option to toggle a certain radius around each point, for example there are 3 products, 1 that will service 25km, another that will do 15km and another that will do 5km.

The aim is to be able to use the data which determines which of the 3 products it is, and then overlay on the map their radius, to help showcase what the current coverage is and being able to toggle it on and off quickly.

The only thing close to this that I have stumbled across is the distance and direction widget however this is a manual process to add a circle radius.

I hope that makes sense and I hope there is a solution within the Esri ArcGIS Online package, thank you.

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