Coordinate Converstion Widget Enterprise Web AppBuilder - no marker, copy coord buttons for user

09-10-2019 01:43 PM
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I'm trying to use the Coordinate Conversion Widget (CC Widget) in an enterprise Portal Web AppBuilder app. I'm a GIS Analyst so have a lot of permissions in Portal so I see the CC Widget with the 5-6 different coordinate formats along with additional buttons next to each box to drop a marker, copy to clip board, change settings, etc. 

However, a regular non-named user only sees the coordinate boxes...he does not get the additional marker, copy, settings, etc. buttons in his dialog box when he launches the tool in the web app. 

Is there a setting our IT GIS staff who administers the Portal needs to set so that a non-named user can see these options. The drop a marker to get a coordinate is the reason I added this widget to the webApp.


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@AngelaGray Curious to know, have you have solved this issue? FYI, the Map Point and Copy tools in the widget are not tied to any user privileges. 

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