Configuration of the Network Trace Widget

09-23-2016 05:46 AM


I'm trying to build an application with the Web App Builder that could isolate a main break on a water distribution network. The application use the Network Trace widget that can be downloaded with the Utility Isolation Trace pack.

I already created and ran the application with the data samples of the City of Naperville, Illinois (ESRI's data), but my problem is to run the NetworkTrace widget on my data.

I launched, from ArcMap, the geoprocessing 'Isolation Trace' on my distribution network and published the result on ArcGis server. Then, I use the URL rest to implement the Network Trace widget but after configuring it, I get an error when I try to isolate a water main : "The trace cannot be completed, please try again"

The basemap has been created with ArcGis Online (World_Topo_Map + my geometric network).

If anyone has already used the NetworkTrace widget and knows what would I have to do to make it working ?

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I'm also having this issue. Were you able to resolve it?

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Have you tried running your GP service by using GP widget?sometimes GP services have i would suggest to run your GP service by GP widget. 

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