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Clear Cache too Often with WAB Developers Edition

03-14-2023 04:35 AM
New Contributor III

Hi, we have a public-facing application that often won't function appropriately unless we clear our cache on our computers. More and more, the phones are ringing because the public is calling due to issues with using the map and inevitably clearing of the cache has to happen. The amount of cache clearing has increases the amount of time the Assessors spend on the phone, and the development of the map was supposed to decrease the amount of time they had to spend on the phone. Is there something we aren't doing? Are we supposed to be updating the WAB edition over time, or doing something on the server it is installed on? 

Right now, it's a Web AppBuilder built in a Dev edition, embedded in an Experience. Maybe the embedding in an experience should be redone now that EB has been updated so many times - could that possibly be the issue?

Assessor's Map (


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