Changing/Editing/Modifying URL of a Non-Developer's Web Application created by the Web App Builder on ArcGIS online

04-22-2019 06:49 AM
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I have used the Non-Developer's Web App Builder on ArcGIS online to create a web mapping application. I'm wondering how I can change the URL of the web application I created.

Here was the workflow how I created the web app builder:

1) Log onto ArcGIS Online

2) Click on "Contents" (located onthe toolbar)

3) Click on "Map X" (the Web Map I created and want to convert to a Web Application)

4) Click on "Create Web Map" 

And that's it! 

A beautiful web application was generated, with a unique URL, and I'm just wondering how I can change this URL to match the URL of my company? 

So for example, let's say my company, "John's computers"

I want my URL to be something like, "John'" or something like that

Can someone please walk me through the steps?

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You can not unless you download the app from AGOL and then host the app on your own web server.

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