Can the NearMe widget filter layer visibility to only what is within the buffer?

03-06-2020 09:46 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am using the NearMe Widget through WebApp Builder Developer edition for a Parcel Sales Comparison Application. I am using the NearMe widget to compare a piece of property to recent nearby parcel sales. The widget works well (only a few bugs!) but I am wondering if the behavior when using the buffer is normal.

An example of this behavior is as follows, I select a location on the map and create a 1 mile buffer, only parcel sales (point data) within the buffer are visible within the results pop-up. This behavior is ideal but other parcel sales (points) are still visible outside of the buffer. Ideally, I would like only parcel sales (points) within the buffer to be visible on the map.

Is there a way to configure the app to work this way? To filter layer visibility by using the buffer or is that kind of filtering just not supported? Even if it was possible to add some script or code to the config files, this would be an ideal solution.

Thanks in advance!


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